Due to our large buying power we are able to get some of the best prices in the industry and pass these savings on to our customers. 
Our conversion rates are high due to the fact that the average visitor has a specific need in mind and is not just browsing, which of course means higher profits for our ambassadors.
How Does it Work?
Ambassadors get a set commission for every sale that is made through their tracking link. All you have to do is share your link with others and when customers makes a purchase, you get a commission.
We offer free tracking tools and marketing materials for our ambassadors.
Our commission rates range from 10% -18% based on volume with a lifetime cookie duration.
That means, you get a commission on any purchase from that same customer, even if that customer goes directly to our site! The cookie will still track that customer and credit you the sale! It’s that simple.
We take care of the tracking portion through our third party online network iDevAffiliate. The network tracks sales, earnings and commissions and give ambassadors access to our marketing materials. Contact us at for more details 
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